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GP3 has a new winner in Jake Dennis as he brought home an Arden one-two in Monza with Jake Hughes rounding out an all British Podium

Championship leader Charles Leclerc had claimed pole yesterday but he was quoted in saying that he felt his ART car was not at its best this weekend and whilst qualifying was a bonus he would focus on protecting his title bid during the 2 races of the weekend. He finished only fourth, but with his closest rivals Alexander Albon and Antonio Fuoco finishing sixth and eighth, the first half of his weekend had gone according to plan.

The safety car made a brief appearance as Kevin Jorg struggled off the line and his car cut out on track, though this was only for a lap as he got going again almost immediately.

Leclerc led following the restart but it wasn’t long before Dennis grabbed the lead from with a slip steam overtake into the first chicane, team-mate Jack Aitken also pulled a similar move on the Ferrari junior driver on the next lap through.

Leclerc seemed to wake up a little when Fuoco tried to overtake him, offering a bit more resistance which ended with the cars banging wheels, whilst race control investigated the incident they decided no action was required against either driver.

Fuoco lost time in comparison to Leclerc during the second half of the race and fell back to eighth which may have been a result of the earlier contact but he can draw consolation from the fact he will start on reverse-grid pole on tomorrow.

Jake Hughes came through from eighth on the grid, following his demotion hanging from last weekends race, to claim third from Leclerc and then close in and challenge Aitken towards the end of the race.

Leclerc had a busy race defending as he had to resist sustained pressure from his team mate Nirei Fukuzumi for 4th spot.

Albon had got off to a bad start, even banging his wheels with Nyck de Vries at one point, before recovering to sixth. In doing so he set up the overtake of the day as he passed Fuoco around the outside in a do or dare move into the Roggia chicane. As Fuoco was slow out De Vries seized the opportunity and moved through.

Matt Parry made a lot of ground and the slipstreamed Monza offers moving up from 17th on the grid to ninth, Tatiana Calderon took a well earned 10th spot ensuring that all Arden cars came home with some points.

Matevos Isaakyan and Ralph Boschung looked set for points and one of the drivers on reverse grid pole but Boschung ran into Isaakyan, damaging the rear wing on the Russians car and earning himself a penalty in the process.

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