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Rule changes in the World Rally Championship for 2017

A new starting order

Some rule changes will take effect when next season and the Rally Monte Carlo comes around. The most debated rule of this season considering the starting order of rally stages will be changes. This season the situation was still that on Friday and Saturday the cars were sent to the road in the order of the championship standings, which makes it more difficult for the earlier drivers as they’re paving the route for the others. A specialty into the debate of this rule was that it wasn’t debated solely in the cabinets but also some drivers criticized the rule. Most namely the soon-to-be four-time World Champion Sebastien Ogier, who was on the verge of retirement because of the injustice of the rule. At least if we trust the words of Ogier’s former team principal Jost Capito.

The running order will change so that on Friday cars drive in the order which they stand in the drivers’ standings but already on Saturday the running order is reversed for the rest of the rally.

More powerstage points

Along with the change to the running order it was decided that the point-system of the powerstages will change starting in Monte Carlo next year. Now the points are awarded: 3 to the first, 2 to the 2nd and 1 point to the 3rd. Next season the points will however be given to the five best of the powerstage, starting with 5 points to first and ending with 1 point given to fifth fastest of the powerstage.

start-wrc   powerstage

These rule changes might have a so called hidden effect. Maybe in a years time complaints have risen againts them.
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