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Seat have finally given the Ibiza a brand new look!

Now look’s exactly like a small Leon! however I’m not so convinced about this new look Seat have given the Ibiza, the front looks decent with sharp edges, fierce looking and some menacing presence. The back however for me is too plain looking, it just doesn’t look as mean and looks a tad boring to be honest, and it’s made worse that the fact they’ve stuck “sport’s exhaust” to the car to make it look a bit more decent. This is the FR version here so they do have to put some degree of sportiness to the car, the engines available are as follow’s.

Petrol you start with a 3 cylinder 1.0litre 68bhp and 75bhp, then a 1.0litre turbocharged unit with either 93bhp and 113bhp along with a new turbo compressor, intercooler and direct injection, also a 1.5TSI will be introduced in late this year with 147bhp, diesels will come with 80,95 and 115ps from a 1.6TDi 4 cylinder engine but the petrol’s will be the engine of choice here. It is based on VW new MQB platform which means the chassis will be lighter and in turn the driving dynamics should be more direct and better than some of the previous generation models.Coupled with those frifty engines is either a 6 speed manual or a 7 speed DSG that’s been highly improved and should have faster shift times without the lag you had in the previous models with the DSG.

The FR model can be optioned with adjustable suspension in 2 modes, normal or sport, this option excites me for the Cupra version coming in the future and will be interesting to see what they come up with for that. It has a wider wheelbase for more legroom and is slightly taller also for those rear passengers.

New technology has come to the Ibiza with a brand new 8inch touchscreen and infotainment system brings it right back into 2017! Also new driver tech inherited from the Ateca and Leon like adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assist and front assist. But the version to look out for will be the Cupra R, as the current Leon Cupra was a fantastic car and really sets the bar high for the Ibiza, as this could be a good break for Seat reentering the hot hatch segment, it’s risky as there are so many good hot hatches to choose from out there but if Seat stick to the recipe of the Leon then it should be a huge success!

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