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Sebastien, you’re currently top of the drivers standings with three wins from three races. How confident are you and Renault feeling about retaining your championship titles this season?

 It will not be easy as always. Even if we look strong it is never as easy as it looks. I might miss 2 races in New York later in the season so I need to get as many points as possible. I’m here to fight and win so I’ll try my best as always. 


You and other drivers who compete in the WEC have been given special permission to race in Mexico City, but it looks as though you’ll miss out on the New York ePrix. How hard is it to balance your Formula E and WEC commitments? 

Right now, it is not easy but we always find a solution to attend everything since season 1. I will try to manage as well as possible to be there and keep the championship open until the last race in Montreal. 


Formula E is looking for new cities to host races. Do you enjoy the challenge of having brand new circuits every season, or would you rather have more consistency in the calendar

I love the fact of discovering new tracks but I also like the consistency. I was really glad to go back to Buenos Aires for the third year in a row. Hopefully FEH will find a good compromise with the calendar in the future. 


Motor racing could return to Switzerland thanks to Formula E. How important could that be for aspiring Swiss drivers

It would be amazing to finally have a race in Switzerland. It would be a dream come true. Let’s wait and see.

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