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Silverstone in talks with Government over possible funding

Silverstone is starting talks with the Government in regards to possible funding to help to keep the British GP at the circuit beyond 2019.

Days after a letter to BRDC emerged advising that there might be the requirement to use a break clause over the cost of hosting the event Derek Warwick, current president of the BRDC, moved to calm fears.

Speaking at Autosport International in Birmingham the former racer said “We sent a Christmas note to our members giving them an update of Silverstone,” .

“A lot of that came out as [there was] the possibility of activating the break clause before the grand prix this year, for 2019.

“Don’t worry, we 100% have it for next three years, up until 2019.

“I have just got a feeling that, ‘we can’t do without the British Grand Prix, we can’t do without Silverstone’, so some compromise will be made, either with Bernie or the new people that are now taking over, which is Liberty.”

Warwick also stated that discussions have taken place with F1’s prospective new owners Liberty and its chairman Chase Carey who Warwick says ‘understands our dilemma.’ Warwick also stated that they are looking to talk to the Government about possible funding and also Bernie Eccelstone as well.

Silverstone is one of the few races worldwide that receives no Government funding and this has hit the circuit in terms of further development. There has been addmittance that although Silverstone is in a relativly good place with many major events that they would like to re invest including circuit resurfacing but this is not possible at current.

It will be interesting to see what comes from the talks between the many parties involved and is the British GP will stay on beyond 2019 and run for the full contract. With Britain having been on the calander pretty much from the begin of Formula One in 1950 it would be a blow to the calander if there was not race in the UK, especially with most teams based in UK as well.

Photo Credit: www.sidepodcast.com

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