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Spielberg activities shows everything right with Liberty Media

An F1 fan will signal the end to the Austrian Grand Prix, which is just one of multiple Formula 1 developments coming to Austria. 

Spielberg has always been a fan-friendly placed, with car shows and concerts being just two of many other events put on to get the fans closer to F1.

Liberty Media have announced one thing in particular that caught the eye- one lucky F1 fan will wave the chequered flag. There will be four big winners of the raffle. Three with have the chance to take part in a few hotlaps of the circuit with safety car driver Bernd Maylander. The best prize, however, is to wave the flag at the end of the Austrian Grand Prix.

In another addition to activities during the weekend, the pitlane will be open for all ticket holders on Thursday. 22 young fans will become mascots for the drivers, and all children under the age of 14 will get in free with a full paying adult.

This is exactly what we wanted when Liberty Media entered Formula 1, and it would be great for this to be expanded to more Grand Prix’s in the future.

Featured image: https://www.projekt-spielberg.com/en/formula-1/news/the-red-bull-ring-is-ready-for-formula-1-tickets-available-at-the-circuit

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