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The M5 Is Here!

A few days ago BMW launched the Z4 concept and now they’ve taken the camouflage off the M5 and revealed the figures and stats about the car,
So here’s the low down, and boy have BMW delivered.
For starters under that long bonnet is a more advanced than ever 4.4litre TwinTurbo V8 producing 600hp and a massive 750Nm of torque! That’s like having a train underneath your seat ripping its way through the road. The massive torque means it munches its way to 62mph in 3.4 seconds meaning it’s just as capable as your McLaren 570 or Lamborghini Huracán! They’ve done this by inducing a higher maximum injection of pressure into the turbo’s, 350 bar to be exact and that is a lot of pressure, infact it’s the equivalent to 35kg lying on a pin flowing through every second. The results mean a sharper engine response aswell as a better overall efficiency, the car is mated to a new eight-speed M steptronic transmission with drivelogic, which teams up with the M xDrive system for maximum performance.

The 4-wheel drive is actually the big new feature on this car, however BMW have managed to do it properly, how? Well it is conjoined with a dynamic stability control system which can variably adjust to help the car on high performance cornering, but for the purists BMW have made the 4 wheel drive system active too meaning you can make the M5 2WD with all 600hp to the rear wheels and even better turn the DSC off equaling massive amounts of sliding and idiocy with maximum amount of fun! Finally a 4 wheel drive system that has play.

The chassis has been developed on the Nürburgring and that will probably make James may cringe, it still should retain a comfortable cruiser with huge capabilities, the suspension system as been totally reworked from the ground up with double wishbones for the front axle and five link rear suspension with stiffer rubber mounts and firmer anti-roll bars help plant the M5 into that tough left hander on the stelvio pass. The M5 comes with compound brakes fitted as standard being significantly lighter than the cast iron ones, these a coupled with inner-ventilated discs with six piston fixed callipers at the front and a single piston floating calliper brakes at the rear. Domagoj Dukec the vice president of design BMW I & BMW M said “The BMW M5 has always embodied the perfect blend of mature business sedan and high-performance components. So you can think of the BMW M5 as the world’s fastest-moving tailored suit.” And he’s right the new M5 looks fantastically muscular with similar styling cues from the M3/4 mixed with that beautifully effervescent look of the new 5-series makes the M5 look well proportioned and well thought out.

For those of you who want the first versions of the M5 there’s a special M5 “First Edition” available which gives you frozen dark red metallic paint with black high gloss shadow line trim and 20inch seven double spoke lightweight alloy’s in black, on the inside there is a special piano black trim finish and a plaque to homologate the first 400 that will be “first editions” and will cost £18,000 more than the base price M5, which starts at £89,640, yep £107,640 for basically a new paint job and some wheels okay BMW your not fooling us! In summary however the new M5 seems like a very capable machine and should put up a good fight to the E63 and RS7 despite being more expensive than the two.

Euan Campbell

Motoring Correspondant, your source for all motoring news!

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