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The New Hyundai i30

Welcome everyone to the new Hyundai i30, it looks well rather odd I must say. The front looks rather too bulky for a hatchback and the rear just doesn’t look exciting or get your driving senses tingling.  However, Hyundai have said the handling is improved tremendously over the previous model and is the first Hyundai to come with a turbocharged engine, a new 1.4turbo petrol producing 140bhp plus a hot N-version coming next year! That will be an interesting one, for now though the turbo petrol is the most powerful you can get. The other engine’s available are a 1.0 three-cylinder turbo with 117bhp, a straight 1.4litre engine with 98bhp and a 1.6litre turbocharged diesel engine with 3 different power outputs, 92bhp, 107bhp, 130bhp, and all can be mated with either a 6 speed manual or 7 speed DCT. You can get it in twelve exterior colours, Stargazing Blue, Micron Gray, Phantom Black, Demitasse Brown, Intense Copper, Moon Rock, Fiery Red, Platinum Sliver, Ara Blue, White Sand, Engine Red and Polar White. The interior however is a different story! It’s actually quite elegant with nice looking central colour screen for the Sat-Nav and comes with apple and android carplay, infact the car as a whole comes very well equipped indeed! With automatic emergency braking system, driver attention alert, smart cruise control, high beam assist and many more! And yes all those things I just mentioned come as standard! Even the LED daytime running lights and Xenon headlights are standard. So a big tick in the Hyundai’s box there and it’s relatively cheap too, starting at a tad under £15,000 isn’t bad at all considering an equivalent spec’d Golf would set you back almost £20,000! But would you buy one? Could you live with yourself having to go to parties and say “I own a Hyundai”, I don’t think I could.

Euan Campbell

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