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The RS3 Saloon has arrived!

Yes! Ahead of it’s Paris Motorshow unveiling, Audi have revelled there new superfast compact saloon to take on the might of the CLA 45 AMG. The new RS3 Saloon has a new 2.5litre 5cylinder 400hp beast of an engine! that’s 33hp more than the hatchback RS3. The 480Nm of torque is available at engine speeds of 1,700rpm and 5,850rpm which results in a 0-62mph sprint in 4.1 seconds! With a topspeed limited to 155mph but you can ask Audi to rase the limiter to 174mph, now that’s proper supercar speed right there!

It’s all down to this new engine which is 26kg lighter than the previous RS3 by making the crankshaft from a very lightweight alloy, it also employs a duel injection into the intake manifold and combustion chambers as well as a valvelift system for variable control of the exhausts valves, the result is high performance along with incredible fuel consumption!

It also comes with a brand new electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch that distributes the drive torque variably between the axles, as a result your shifts in the 7-speed S-tronic duel clutch transmission are as fast as lightning striking the ground. The rest of the RS3 Saloon is the same only with the newer botox variation of the A3, it will go on sale next year around spring time for Europe and summer for USA and China and will start from around £43,000 (estimate).

Euan Campbell

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