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The Updated Golf

This is the latest generation of VW’s best sold model, the Golf, it now comes with brand new LED headlights which replace the old xenon headlights, as-well as LED taillights as standard, and on the top models with sweeping indicators like you see on Audi’s. A new engine has been added to the list, it’s a 1.5tsi evo with 110hp and comes with active cylinder management making it extremely efficient, for the GTi models the power has been slightly upped and a new 7 speed DSG has been developed for improved efficiency on the GTi’s.

The new golf looks better, those new full LED headlights make the golf stand out and make it look more premium than what it is, the rear is much more sleek looking with the LED taillights and looks good in the GTi versions with the duel exhausts. The interior has been refreshed also with a new central touchscreen that looks much more integrated than the previous version, it also comes with VW’s own version of the virtual cockpit that just makes the car much more modern, that’s as far as it goes with interior changes. a whole host of new technology has been added and some standard like emergency assist and traffic assist and new online services also like “guide and inform” and “security & service”. The new golf will certainly continue to be a big hit especially with new technology and fresh new looks as this, oh and it’s a very good car to drive also! Expect the prices to be roughly the same as the current lineup.

Euan Campbell

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