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Throughout your illustrious racing career, what has been your most memorable moment?

“Sitting on the grid waiting to make my first Grand Prix start in the 1980 Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder.”


Having raced in most categories in your career. If you were starting out now, what championship would you aim for?

“Formula 4, British F3, GP3, GP2. But if on low budget start out in Formula Vee or FF1600.”


Does Mansell still blame you for Donington ’93?



Of all the cars you’ve raced, which has been your favourite?

“A 1978 March-BMW 782 Formula 2 car”


Do you enjoy historic racing more because the cars are simply ‘more fun’?

“Not just more fun but where the driver’s skill is much more important than the car when it comes to lap times.”


What is your opinion when it comes to the HALO/Aeroscreen?

“I think some sort of protection is inevitable and if you have to have one I’d go HALO.”


With there now being a possible vacancy at Top Gear, is that something you’d ever consider?

“I’d be happy to – but I can’t see the dear old BBC wanting to turn back the clock!”


What do you make to the current situation of Formula One now compared to back in the 80s?

“Way to complex!! Emphasis has moved too far in engineer’s direction with driver input less and less important. Leave the manufacturers to develop their hybrids at Le Mans and return F1 to being primarily a drivers’ championship with far simpler cars that are a brute to drive!”


Thank you very much for taking the time out to talk to us.

Image: Classic Car Mag

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