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The Top 20 Most Anticipated Cars Of 2017

Images curtsey of Topspeed.com & netcarshow.com

20. Honda Civic Type R- The new Civic is out and about on the road now, but the Type R is yet to be handled and it promises to be even better than the last one! Which was okay, but lets hope with a few extra horsepowers and few less pounds it can be a good hot hatch rival to the Golf R.

19. Ford Fiesta ST- The previous generation was a hot hatch gem! The ST was everything a hot hatch should be, Cheap, lots of fun and a quick wee car. So this new one has a lot to live up to! And in the power department it looks good with a likely output of over 200hp! Lets hope its as good to drive as the last one.

18. Volkswagen CC- The Coupe version of the Passat returns for 2017! Only this time being based on the Passat’s chassis, VW aren’t really associating it as the Coupe Passat, instead they think its an entirely different car in there range!? Hmm ah well lets hope its good to drive!

17. Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport- Vauxhall could be biting more than it can chew, by trying to take on the big germans with this luxury saloon and on the basis or looks however it’s got a hell of a good start! Lets hope the rest of the car lives up to those good looks.

16. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio- Alfa’s first SUV looks absolutely stunning! And with a brand new 4 wheel drive system as well as the same interior as the Giuila, it’s set to be a big hit in 2017! And a huge boost to Alfa’s struggling finances.

15. BMW M5- BMW promises high performance with a newly tuned twin turbo V8 with a possible 600+hp and with all-wheel drive meaning it will be no slow brute! And should be much lighter with carbon fibre panels however it sounds like a very sensible M5 and do we really want that? (Shown below is the new ordinary 5 series)

14. Land Rover Defender- This one has a question mark over it because it might launch this year or next but I’ll include it anyway, the scraping of the legendary old one that was built for over 30 years and made up the basis for what Land Rover stand for today it’s no wonder the designers and engineers need to get this right, so taking there time is probably best however they have been designing and testing the new defender for over 2 years now! So it should be one hell of an SUV!

13. Lexus LC 500- Could this be the car that brings back ingenuity and driving aspects that the LFA was famed for!? The good news is it’s not as expensive as the LFA or as rare and with a 5.0litre V8 with 471hp it won’t be as fast either, however can it have the driving characteristics as the LFA had? We’ll soon know!

12. BMW Z4- its been nearly a decade since the last all new Z4,BMW have decided to partner up with Toyota to make this “the ultimate driving machine”, and with Audi’s new TT and Mercedes new SLC, BMW will have to make this look and drive very well indeed if it’s going to compete!

11. Maserati Granturismo- Maserati’s flagship model is overdue a major upgrade either by a replacement or a new GranTurismo, Maserati aren’t saying much, only that “a new high performance sports car is on the way”

10. 2017 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1- dubbed the “Zora” is a worlds first for Chevrolet and that’s a mid-engined sports car capable of taking on the might of Porsche themselves! GM say this is “the American sports car that can deliver European performance and handing”, and it might just be made in right hand drive too!

9. Alpine Vision- This was the name for the concept car unveiled last year, but after almost 20 years out of service Alpine have returned with a mid sized super sports car that will rival the Porsche cayman 718, Alfa 4C or Audi TTS, so expect a sub £50,000 price tag, but if it looks anything like the concept did my gosh its going to be some looker!

8. Bentley Continental Supersports- The old one was a good combination of fast sports car and a super luxury saloon, but the GT3 showed us Bentley could build a proper racing car! The new supersport promises to be just that and more! With a brand new tuned W12 with twin turbo’s making 80hp more than the original did in 2009, it’s sure to be one to watch out for!

7. Maserati Alfieri- Maserati are however making a new super coupe that is much more powerful and faster than the granturismo and is taking on the likes of Ferrari 488, Aston Vanquish and Lamborghini Huracan, no word on engines or performance specifications as of yet though.

6. Aston Martin V8 Vantage- Yes again just over 10 years ago Aston unveiled there best selling car to date, and finally its eagerly awaited new one will be here! Expect gorgeous new looks and a full total refresh of the V8 engine that might be turbocharged to bring more power with less fuel.

5. Lamborghini Huracan Superleggera- The waited super hot track version of the Huracan is on the way and it should be one hell of a fast car! expect a full retune of the 5.2litre V10 and 600+hp on the cards!

4. Mercedes AMG GT-R- this is Mercedes answer to the 911 GT3 or F-Type SVR, its Mercedes most track homologised car made to date and shares a lot of parts with its current AMG GT3 car, so expect this to be an incredible drive as well as a big track contender!

3. Ferrari 488 Speciale- or what ever Ferrari decide to call the hot version of the 488, what ever it will be expect the usual bodykit visual upgrades and lighter weight as well as heightened performance make its way into the special edition, the 488 is good but with a special makeover the 488 should be transformed into the ultimate track weapon!

2. Ford GT- The Ford GT’s selection process may have made a few heads turn and eyebrows raised, aswell as some angry Ford customers, however the new GT looks and sounds amazing and will be an incredible sight for those lucky enough to feast eyes upon one, and for those selected to own one!

1. McLaren P14- Dubbed “The baby P1” is actually a replacement to the 650s and is specially formulated to take on the 488 and huracan, its the new edition to McLaren’s super series along with the 570s in the sports series, expect similar performance outputs to the 488 and promises to be the best McLaren yet! Yeah we’ll see.

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