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Firstly, for our readers who don’t know of yourselves or haven’t heard of yourselves, please can you tell us a little about who you are and what you do.

Torque Human Performance, comprised of founders Jacob and Leanne, are Motorsport specific performance enhancement specialists that provide a range of services that are aimed at improving the performance of a driver. Through guiding drivers on their fitness and nutrition, we improve strength, endurance, recovery times and ensure the driver is in the best shape and condition they can be for their race.


A driver in the Clio Cup that we are both supporting this year, Max Coates. Could you give us an insight into how you help him and how you support him? What sorts of benefits does he gain from being with yourselves?

Max has access to all our services giving him a full Human Performance package. He has personalised training and nutrition plans, log books, unlimited support and access to our professional skills at race weekends. From the support we give him, he is able to make the correct nutrition choices, and train in a specific way to ensure his body is performing the best it can to give him greater strength, endurance, a lower body fat percentage, recover adequately and to fuel his body to the optimum. With a great motorsport team behind him focusing on his car, working with us as a human performance team ensures that Max has the full package on race weekends to bring more podiums!


What single aspect of fitness do you think is most important to a driver? Physical fitness in the car or mental fitness so the driver in question doesn’t crack under pressure?

A combination of Physical and Mental fitness is the ideal ratio, and both of these aspects can be trained. Physical fitness will give a driver extreme benefits in making them quicker, and stronger and in turn with a lean muscle mass and training in a specific way, will allow for quicker reaction times. At Torque we incorporate mental fitness into our physical training, with agility, co-ordination and reaction drills, ensuring drivers are performing optimally in all areas.


Why do you think that fitness and nutrition, coupled together are the key to success in the Motorsport industry?

Within the Motorsport industry it is apparent how much time, money and effort goes in to fine tuning the cars in order to be a step ahead of the other teams and drivers on the track. However it is noted by drivers that the fine-tuning of their own bodies is not as much of a priority. Here at Torque we believe the drivers are just as important as the working car and that the fitness and well-being of the driver should be a high priority. We also believe that it is not only the drivers that need to be performing well but for the whole team including pit crew, to be as fast and strong as they can be to be quicker and more efficient than other teams. If a driver is consuming the right nutrition for the stress placed on their body, and is training according to the needs of Motorsport such as endurance, heat acclimatisation, strength and lowering dead weight, then the driver will perform better and have quicker reactions when on the track.


What range of products and services do you offer to racing drivers?

At Torque we offer Personalised Motorsport Specific Training Programmes that are extensive and easy to follow that break down all exercises, reps, sets and rest times. We also provide Personalised Motorsport Specific Nutrition Programmes that give drivers a complete macronutrient breakdown of the calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats they need each day, along with the meal ideas for each day to support this.

Strength and Conditioning Sessions and Rehabilitation/Sports Therapy sessions are available to drivers that want to have hands on help in not only improving their fitness but also to recover.

Race Day Support can include warm ups, cool downs, sports massage and recovery strategies across a racing weekend in order to make sure they are ready for every race.

Athlete performance testing can be provided to not only use as a bench mark for fitness, but to see strength and weaknesses in order to provide goals, corrective exercises and driver feedback.

Seminars and Talks, alongside Unlimited Support for all drivers and teams are also offered by Torque to ensure that there is no question unanswered and the drivers we work with are educated, confident and motivated with their Human Performance.

More information on the services we provide can be found at www.torquehumanperformance.co.uk or we can be contacted at torquehumanperformance@gmail.com

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