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Tost wants Mercedes engines frozen to help rivals

Toro Rosso team boss Franz Tost wants the F1 bosses to freeze Mercedes development to allow rivals to catch up.

Last year an agreement between manufacturers and the FIA seen certain components frozen in a bid to converge performance. However Tost wants to see this extended to the full engine unit to allow the others to catch up. These changes centred around the minimum weight of the MGU-H and MGU-K as well as crankshaft dimensions. These areas cannot be developed further at this time. The changes also get tougher from 2018 as well with the minimum weight of the ERS getting lowered to remove potential upgrades. Speaking earlier today Tost said. “I hope that earlier or later there will be a power unit parity because this is not the case currently,”

“We need Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari fighting for the championship at least.

“If the power unit parity is not coming then the FIA should come up with a regulation to freeze it.

“I would freeze the power unit from Mercedes, the others should catch up and then they freeze all of them.”

Tost also believes that a budget cap should be introduced as well to the sport.

“We have to come down with costs,” he said. “We have discussed this for years now but nothing happens.

“I would come in with a cost cap. People say it’s not controllable but that’s nonsense.

“At Toro Rosso we have a history about every screw and we can tell you where it’s coming from and how much it costs.”

Although engine parity would improve the show with more teams capable of winning there is a flip to the coin. The good teams will always find a way to stay at the front, something that has happened through the entire history of the sport. It is also unknown if a budget cap would stop this either as the best teams always employ the best people in their field and thus find an advantage. It also stems to reason that why should a team/manufacturer have to stop progress to allow competition to catch up when they have created a better product? Isn’t the point of competition to be better than the rest? If anything further would be done remains to be seen but let us know in the comments what you think about it.

Photo Credit: F1 Pulse
Andrew Campbell

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