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U.K to Ban Petrol and Diesel Cars By 2040!

This is the first sad end for all petrol heads! The U.K government has made a promise to cut the sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040! although it’s still 33 years away it’s still a sad thought that in the future you will no longer be able to buy that 911 you’ve always wanted. It’s part of the governments scheme to clear up on the air pollution and they say that they want to push car companies to develop new technologies in place of gasoline engines, hybrids will still be aloud on sale but they want fully electrics everywhere basically and this is very sad news indeed.

To us the petrol engine is the holy grail of why we love cars, it’s the thing we quote when getting a new car, it’s the first thing we listen to when we start it and it’s the thing that brings us the most excitement in a car! taking it away will be like punching yourself right in the heart! it will hurt very badly and will probably leave a scar! So if you want to buy a new petrol or diesel car by then, then you just going to have to move to either Germany, Italy or Switzerland! I know I will be!

Euan Campbell

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