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Vettel Penalised for Collision with Rosberg

Sebastian Vettel has been handed a three-place grid penalty for the Japanese Grand Prix next week.

Having initially got off the line very well, Sebastian Vettel stormed up the inside of Verstappen into turn one, and he hit the rear of Nico Rosberg’s car, causing the latter to spin out and continue the race from a lowly 21st place at the end of the first lap, and Vettel having to retire following damage to his front left wheel.

“I turned and tried to do everything to make the corner,” Vettel claimed. “I was side-by-side and squeezed. I don’t have to comment on what Max said.”

Max Verstappen, not likely to miss an opportunity for some revenge following comments he received following the race in Spa, labelled Vettel as “crazy” on the team radio following the incident on lap one.

Vettel Retirement Malaysia 2016
Repercussions of Vettel’s collision with Rosberg
The stewards report, published after the race states as follows.

“Having thoroughly reviewed the video and having spoken to the driver concerned,he Stewards determined that although the cars involved in the incident were all moving at relatively similar speeds, the driver of Car 5 made a small error entering to the inside of Turn 1 that led to contact with Car 6 (Rosberg’s car).”

“As a consequence, Car 6 was caused to spin from second place and lose multiple positions, which the Stewards determined was predominantly the caught of the driver of Car 5 and therefore ordered the penalty above for causing a collision.”

Rosberg had his take on the situation post-race, stating that he “got T-boned by a four-time World Champion out of control!”

What are your thoughts on Vettel’s penalty? Does it just surmise his and Ferrari’s poor season?

Joe Clark


Pictures: formula1.com

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