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Volvo enters TCR with legendary car

Volvo today announced an entry in to the world of TCR, after previously stating they had no plans to build one.

The Swedish marque, known for safety and their boxy eighties and nineties cars wish to return to this ethos and will therefore build two examples of their legendary 850 Estate, which made headlines when they entered it into the BTCC way back in 1994.

Also inkeeping with the Volvo tradition is their choice of drivers being older family men with Yvan Muller heading up the lineup partnered by Alain Menu, his fading eyesite making him a perfect choice to be a Volvo driver.

The new/old car will begin testing as soon as they can source parts from scrapyards all over the world.

Happy April fools!!!

James Bourke

TCR correspondent

Photo:Volvo cars

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