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VW’s new good looking 4 door coupe!

Let me introduce to you VW’s new stunning 4 door coupe! It’s called the Arteon and this is the top of range R-line model that comes with either a 2.0litre petrol 280PS or 240PS diesel that can be as optioned mated with a DSG or 6 speed manual as standard. What else is standard? Well 4-wheel drive is also standard to give VW a whole lot more customer based, and a bunch of technology from adaptive cruise control to the amazing 10.1inch cockpit display found in the Audi’s, as well as a beautiful 9.2inch full 4K display that looks like something apple would make, also can be equipped with a large HUD system.

It looks incredible and VW have done very well designing this coupe, if you look hard enough though you still see some Audi A7’ish lines to it, but VW have done well covering up. It sits low and with those Tesla like 10 blade sweeping 20inch Alloy’s it looks ready to take on a street race or mini track day! And for a 4 door coupe that’s very hard to pull off.It has duel LED headlights as well as the taillights although the back does look a tad too Passat’ish for my liking, but does have a cool small lip spoiler that adds that aesthetic sportiness.

The interior isn’t a bad place to be in either, the R-line model can be equipped with luxury finishes such as carbon fibre, even the seats can be coated in false carbon leather weave. So prices? Well expect it to start at around £35,000 for the base model and up to £50,000 for a fully loaded R-line model, not cheap but not too expensive either well done VW!



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