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Will Martin Brundle return this weekend?

As most F1 fans will be aware, recently Martin Brundle has been absent from his usual grand prix duties due to illness.

The former F1 driver had 158 Grand Prix starts with teams such as Benetton, Jordan, Williams and McLaren to name a few. He never won a race but did clock up 9 podiums in his 12 year career spanning from 1984 – 1996

Currently Martin works for SkyF1 as a commentator alongside David Croft and interviews drivers, team principles and celebrities on the grid immediately prior to a Grand Prix getting underway

Moments before he was supposed to do his grid walk at Silverstone on July 16  he suddenly fell ill and his SkyF1 colleague Ted Kravitz and Paul Di Resta ad to step in. This was unfortunate timing all round as his broadcasting teammates and Ross Brawn had planned on presenting him with a trophy celebrating 20 years since his first grid walk in the 1997 Silverstone GP.

It has since come out that he has been suffering from a stomach virus but he did feel well enough to make some light of the situation with the following tweet.

“Apologies @MercedesAMGF1 As you crafted a glorious one-two yesterday I was vomiting in your hospitality unit. Other guests looked happier.”

The 58 year old also missed the Hungarian GP the following week  but tweeted his fan base saying he was “on the mend”

There hasn’t been any official word on his current condition but hopefully after the summer break he has had ample time to recover and we see him fighting fit and in his rightful place on the grid at Spa Francorchamps this Sunday .

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