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Williams Reveal 2017 F1 Car Virtually

In a contest where every other F1 team wants to reveal their cars before anyone else William Martini F1 Racing have revealed their car for 2017, namely FW40 on a motorsport news website’s Youtube Channel.


The first look offered however, are virtually created but give a decent idea of what the actual car would be before it’s real appearance in Barcelona. According to sources, Williams along with Sauber will release pictures of it’s actual car on Monday. The car launch itself is to take place on 25th of this month.


The nose tip introduced in 2015 remains unchanged. The new changes to be observed are large barge boards and swept back sidepods in order to increase downforce.


2017 promises to be an exciting year for Williams as Massa returns from retirement and young gun Lance Stroll takes a major step forward competing in F1 having won the European F3 championship. Dirk de Beer will also join the team as Head of Aerodynamics march onwards. Let’s see if they can battle for the top position this year.



(Image: Autosport)

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