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The World’s Most powerful hatchback!

There is a lot of powerful hatchbacks these days, from the A45 AMG, Focus RS and Golf R, but none are quite what Audi has to offer. So what’s that then? well how about a 394bhp all-wheel drive hatchback that does 0-62mph in an astounding 4.1 seconds! this crowns it the most powerful hatchback on the market today. The newly revamped 2.5litre 5-cylinder TFSI engine is 25kg lighter due to a new aluminium crankshaft and can spool up those turbo’s from as little as 1,750rpm.
A new exhaust with variable valve control adds a symphony to the arora of the 5 cylinder engine. plus a 34mpg economy makes it a very tempting package indeed. Coupled with the 7 speed S-tronic gearbox the improved Quattro system now comes with variable power distribution that measures slip in the individual wheels and dishes out the power accordingly and is specifically tuned for the RS.
The new look A3 is used off course and comes with that amazing 12.3inch cockpit display with a 7inch display that rises out the dashboard, also if spec your RS3 with Bang & Olufsen stereo you and your friends will have some treat, especially with on board Wi-Fi and apple & android carplay. So now comes the inevitable price, well at £44,000 it’s quite expensive I mean that’s £2,000 more than the A45 AMG, £13,000 more than Focus RS and Golf R.

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