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Zak Brown to McLaren?

Is Zak Brown going to be replacing Ron Dennis as Chairman of the McLaren Formula One team?

Surprise rumours have been breaking across social media in the past day. Brown, a 44 year old American, is considered as a potential suitor for Dennis’ position, when his contract runs out.

Brown is of interest to McLaren because of his success in finding new sponsors for a number of teams on the grid in his former role as boss of the marketing agency JMI, from which he resigned in September.

McLaren have not had a title sponsor since the days of Vodafone back from the end of the 2013 season.

Dennis, has been told by shareholder of the prestigious McLaren team that his contract will not be renewed for the 2017 season. Leaving McLaren with no chairman.

With Formula One having been brought out by Liberty Media, and the entry of HAAS F1 team in their debut season, American influence is slowly but surely taking a hold on Formula One. With the questions over the popularity of the motor sport, American influence is being welcomed in a bid to boost the sport’s popularity.

Joe Clark


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