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Zandvoort Shows Intrest In Hosting Dutch Grand Prix

From 1950 to 1985 The Dutch Grand Prix was held at the Zandvoort circuit, over the 35 years the dutch grand Prix was dropped off the calendar 4 times (1954, 1956 1957 & 1972) but has remained off the Formula One Calendar since 1985.


The Netherlands and Formula One has never been closer thanks to Max Verstappen who has been lighting up the formula one scene since his first race in 2015. Over the 2 years of Formula One Racing, Max Verstappen has connected the Dutch public to the world of Formula One showcasing his talents behind the wheel. Since the start of Formula One In 1950, the dutch fans have rarely had a driver to cheer on at home in front of the TV. Due to Max’s enthralling racing, The dutch fans now know the feeling of having a driver at the top.

With a nationwide superstar on the scene, Zandvoort Circuit has opening up the opportunity to hold a race in The Netherlands someone in the nearby future.


Currently, the circuit holds an FIA Grade 2 Track Certificate which isn’t acceptable standard to host a Formula One race, by the rules of the FIA stating a circuit must have a Grade 1 certificate. Over the next few weeks, circuit owners at Zandvoort will assess the track to see the realistic options of hosting a Grand Prix for the future.
Circuit Park Zandvoort last hosted a Formula One Grand Prix in 1985, but the circuit has been a part of the DTM Series calendar since 2001 & also plays host the Formula 3 Masters race since 1991. Comment below if you think the Dutch Grand Prix should come back to the F1 calendar

One thought on “Zandvoort Shows Intrest In Hosting Dutch Grand Prix

  • 06/03/2017 at 1:22 AM

    Holland is a wonderful country and Zandvoort has character. Now that Bernie has gone and squeezing proper circuits off the calendar for the bucks paid by Tilke tracks sited in despotic nowheres has , hopefully fallen from favour Zandvoort – the new Zandvoort= has a chance.

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